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2018 Summer Thursday Ladder
Home Team
night fury / (currently rated: 1551)
Away Team
Hucking Darts (currently rated: 1487)
Date and Time
May 31, 2018, 6:30PM-8:00PM
McMaster F1
Game Status
night fury
15 (All points played 3W/4O)
Hucking Darts
3 (All points played 3W/4O)
Spirit for night fury
Spirit for Hucking Darts
Rating Points
17 (night fury gain 17 points and Hucking Darts lose 17 points)
Score Approved By
automatic approval
Spirit assigned to night fury

Most spirited player: Tu Vu

Spirit assigned to Hucking Darts

Most spirited player: Emily Baturin