HUC Rules 


HUC abides by the 11th edition rules. All HUC players are expected to know the rules or are at a minimum, willing to learn them.
Find the rules here or scroll down to find the complete set of rules at the bottom of this page.
Outdoor Summer/Fall  specific rules here.
Indoor Sunday specific rules here.
Indoor Tuesday 4x4 specific rules here.

Aggressive Behaviour:

Aggressive play is strictly prohibited. Other team sports (soccer, rugby, football) encourage players to "go hard" for the ball and tolerate the resulting contact as an acceptable part of the game. This is not acceptable in the Hamilton Ultimate Club. Players who routinely play aggressively will be suspended from the league. Captains who allow individuals to play aggressively risk team suspension. All contact is a foul and should be called by one of the players.

**No Fighting. Zero Tolerance: A shoving match is interpreted as a fight. Automatic season suspension for offending player(s). It is both captain's responsibility to report incidents to the league convener.**



To allow for changing conditions, canceled games may not be called until just a few minutes before game time. Check the website for last minute changes if you suspect a field will be rained out. If there is nothing posted on the website, please remember to go to your fields for 6:30 pm (6pm in fall league). If there is lightning or thunder, take shelter. Captains can exchange phone numbers before taking shelter to wait out the weather.
Wait 30 minutes after last seeing lightning or hearing thunder, before starting/resuming play. If you are unable to take the field safely by 7:30pm, please discuss canceling the game with the opposing captain.
If there is any standing water pooling on grass fields, do not play. If you are able to re-align your field orientation or change the field size and avoid these sections, play can resume. But field preservation is of the highest priority. Damage to the fields now, leads to uneven surfaces later in the season resulting in turned ankles, other injuries, or even closed fields.
Games that are cancelled for weather are not made up unless the League Convener requests it.

At McMaster and Redeemer, please follow any staff instructions for clearing fields and resuming play.

Please respect and comply with any & ALL staff requests. When asked to leave the field and get to shelter, please do so. As captains, you are also responsible for your players' conduct as well. By not following field rental space policies you jeopardize our field permits and our relationships with the venues. Staff have policies that they must follow. It is their job. Please make it easier for them, not harder.


***No SMOKING or ALCOHOL in ANY Hamilton Park***

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