Outdoor 7v7 Rules

New ratio rule:

Teams will flip at the beginning of the game to determine which end zone will choose the ratio. At halftime, the ratio selection end zone will switch. The team that chooses the ratio will select the # of women (3 or 4) to be matched by the opposing team. The other remaining players are open, non-matching, players.

Options will be: 



* The term 'open non-matching' means that players do not need to indicate what their gender is on the field,

open = any player in the league (could be man, woman, trans, self-defined, or players could prefer not to say).

Start/End Time: 

Summer starts at 6:30pm (Fall starts at 6:00pm) with a 15 minute grace period. If the team you are playing does not have a full team by 6:45pm, 7 players stand on the line and begin counting a point against them for every 5 minutes they are late (i.e. score will be 1-0 at 6:50 pm). If a team cannot field 5 players (including 2 women) by 7:00pm they will default the game, receive zero points and zero spirit points. End times vary throughout the summer (game to 15, sunset dictates, or hardcap at 8 if field is booked afterwards). Please ensure captains agree on an end time BEFORE you start your game. This is extremely important in the month of August (and especially in the fall league) when we start to lose valuable game-time light. Check out this link to determine sunset times. 

League Specific Rules:

  • Foot Blocks will be left up to the captains. Default: No foot blocks.
  • Dangerous Play call is in effect (hamiltonultimate.com/rules)

  • Substitution Policy: All regular players must be HUC members. Guests may play up to one game without being a member. They must sign a hard copy of the waiver prior to play. Roster deadline is the last Sunday in July (roster rules will be disclosed at the start of the season for the fall league).

  • Reporting Scores & Incidents: must be reported through the website by BOTH captains within 72 hours of the end of the game.