New Player

Are you new to ultimate or new to HUC?


There are a few things you need to know about the league:

1) We are an all gender league that is inclusive and open for players over the age of 15 (Youth Ultimate Program also available in the summer for players aged 3-15).


2) We operate all year-round. Our summer leagues (mid-May to end of August) run on 3 different nights; mondays, tuesdays and thursdays. All nights are host to a variety of skill levels and experience. We also have a short outdoor thursday night fall season (Sept to 2nd last weekend of Oct), and indoor leagues that run throughout the Fall/Winter: 6v6 sunday hat league (mornings/early afternoons), 4v4 tuesday evening team entry league & friday night women's league (individual registration).


3) How do you register?


Summer INDIVIDUAL Registration, if you are new to the league and would like to join a team there are a couple of options: 

i) Join a registered HUC team, visit the Looking for a Team page here and let captains know which night you hope to play on and your level of experience. Don't forget to provide contact information.

ii) Register for a Hat Team here. Not all leagues/nights will have a Hat Team available. This will only be available if we gain enough interest.


Summer TEAM Registration, if you are captaining a team you can pay the deposit and register your team here

Registration opens March 2nd


Youth League INDIVIDUAL Registration, if you would like to register your child(ren) for our youth league please find more information here.

Registration opens March 2nd


Fall TEAM Registration, if you are captaining a team you can pay the team fee and register here. (registration opens in August)

Registration is closed 


Indoor Sunday league, INDIVIDUAL ONLY sign-up is easy and registration can be found here. (registration opens Mid-September and Mid-November- look for the Sunday Indoor registration link)

Registration is closed


Indoor Tuesday 4v4 league, TEAM ONLY sign-up will be posted here. (registration opens early September- look for the Tuesday 4v4 Indoor Fall or Winter registration link)

Registration is closed


Indoor Tuesday 4v4 league, possible HAT TEAM, check here for more information.

No hat team for the 4v4 season


Indoor Friday Women's League, INDIVIDUAL ONLY registration can be found here.  

Registration remains open


4) Once you find a team you must create a ZULURU account here.


5) After you have created an account you must now register as a HUC member.

We have two different Memberships depending on your age:

i) $20 Adult Membership (19 or older)- register here.

ii) Free Junior Membership (under 19)- register here.


6) HUC's rules can be found here. The rules of ultimate are also available on our rules page.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email

See you on the field!