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The election of the Board of Directors (BoD) is an important event of which every HUC member should be aware.  The BoD is elected at the AGM usually held in Jan/Feb. HUC is a volunteer, non-profit organization. We are always happy to welcome new faces to the BoD! If you are hoping to volunteer with the league, it is never too late.  Please email and join the team. 


Meets approximately once every 1-2 months.  They attend all Exec meetings and have a vote in all HUC Exec decisions.

President - the face of the league, building relationships with other ultimate communities and especially the Hamilton community. The General Manager (GM) reports primarily to the President. The President ensures that the membership is satisfied with the operations of the league.

Vice President (VP) - supports the President. The VP is the face of the league within the league itself. The VP works closely with the GM to oversee directors and committees, and helps to lead meetings and support the Exec. The VP works closely with the Treasurer and Committee Leads to create the budget.

Treasurer (also Financial Director) - keep register of HUC accounts, coordinate Inventory Controller & purchasing, prepare financial statement, updates signing authorities and issues cheques. The Treasurer works closely with the VP and Committee Leads to create the budget.

Secretary - work with GM to organize BoD and Exec meetings. The Secretary also keeps minutes, sends out action items and collects reports from committee heads.

Member at Large - holds responsibilities within league committees.


Reporting to the President, the GM will be responsible for providing leadership and direction for all league operations under the guidance of the Exec. In addition, the position oversees the development of programs and supports directors and conveners for all on-going programs and activities.



The Committee Leads and Directors report directly to the GM. The BoD meets quarterly and committees meet when required.

Communications Director - informs the league members of updates and events happening in the community through both social media and the website, reporting directly to the GM.

Social Media Liaison - communicates to league members through social media.

*Webmaster - updates the website pages to keep members informed.

Events Director - heads the special event committees and reports directly to the GM.

Year-end Party Committee - with the help of the conveners, collect the MVP/spirit/champ winners, rent a venue, decide on prizes and coordinate with purchasing director to ensure prizes are ordered in time.

Tournament Director - work with GM to rent fields/setup registration, work with Communications Director to advertise/find teams, use Zuluru to set tournament schedule, find volunteers to help run event, organize logistics (field food, prizes, porta potties, cones, scoreboards, water).

Volunteer Appreciation Committee - work with GM to organize event and work with Communications Director to connect with volunteers.

Conveners - report to League Director (represented by GM at this time).

Summer Conveners - help at captain's meeting, email captains, set schedule, check rosters, check spirit scores, deal with incident reports, help organize year end party (collect mvp's, determine award winners, help at year end party).

Fall Conveners - email captains, check rosters, set schedule, organize playoff day (field food, prizes, porta potties, cones, scoreboards, water)

Indoor Conveners - email captains, prepare for draft (6x6), check rosters, set schedules, check spirit scores, deal with incident reports, organize and distribute prizes.

Financial Director (also Treasurer) - keep register of HUC accounts, coordinate Inventory Controller & Purchasing Director, prepare financial statement. The Treasurer attends all Exec meetings and has a vote in all HUC Exec decisions.

Inventory Controller - stores the league’s inventory, connects with league directors to distribute equipment and reports inventory numbers to the Purchasing Director.

Purchasing Director - works closely with the Inventory Controller to ensure there is adequate inventory. Communicates with the Events Director to ensure enough equipment is ordered for special events and league prizes.

Development Director - connects New Player Coordinator, Touring Liaison, Clinics Committee and Youth Ultimate Program Committee, to provide our members the opportunity to grow/learn and flourish in this community. Reports directly to the GM.

New Player Coordinator - answers emails from players looking to join the league or players new to the sport. When applicable, work closely with the GM to organize hat teams. Report to the Development Director.

Touring Liaison - act as a liaison between the league and any touring teams operating in Hamilton. Ensure local players have an option of playing at a higher level and developing skilled players within our city. The Touring Liaison would also work closely with the GM to organize fields for practicing, provide fundraising opportunities to the teams, work closely with the Clinics Committee to facilitate skills development and ensure players are HUC members (for insurance purposes).

Clinics Committee - work with the Touring Liaison to provide opportunities for our members to learn and develop.

Youth Ultimate Program Committee - is managed by the Youth Ultimate Program Manager (YUPM). The committee is to get the word out to schools in the city and volunteers to help run the youth ultimate program. The YUPM is responsible for ensuring volunteers have police checks and act as a convener and perform those duties to get the league moving and parents informed (work with Communications Director).

Ad Hoc Committee

Website Committee - looking to improve the website for its users, finding quotes and suitable gurus

25th Anniversary Committee - 2019 is our 25th anniversary! We need a committee to make it extra special.

 *Available positions